Yoga is an evolutionary journey of energetic movement that captured Jennifer’s attention back in 1999 while living in New York City. Though a more serious, committed yoga practice did not arrive in her life for six more years, Jennifer eventually began cultivating a more balanced and still life while living in NYC during 9/11 and later experiencing physical injuries to her lower back & hip.

A consistent yoga practice taught Jennifer that there is so much more to life than the rat race that often consumes us. Connecting yoga to the natural rhythms of the world in which we live, Jennifer structures her classes based on the cycles of seasons, sacred holidays, and the moon to help students rekindle their inner fire and passion for life. Creative sequencing and music helps students to move away from the “doing” and strain of purely physical yoga to a deeper, “energetic” practice of grace, lightness and space within the body.

Jennifer is a certified RYT-200 teacher through Yoga Alliance who is now in the midst of a 500-hour Advanced Yoga Teacher training with world-renown yogini, Shiva Rea (Prana Flow). Her classes blend a number of elements from studies in Prana Flow, Classical Hatha, Anusara, Yin, and Ayurveda. She owes much love and appreciation to her teachers Shiva Rea, Maria Garre, Simon Park, and Twee Merrigan.

Jennifer is also a certified health coach with a specialty in gluten-free living which you can learn more about through her website Gluten Free School.

Jennifer teaches Prana Flow, Classical Hatha, Yin, Vinyasa & Pre-Natal classes which are offered in the Philadelphia suburbs.

Jennifer’s Public Yoga Teaching Schedule

I am currently on a teaching hiatus.  

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Beginner’s Yoga & All-Levels Vinyasa Series will begin on 2/28 at Plymouth Whitemarsh High School.


The new moon was traditionally seen as the time to sow seeds by farmers whereas the full moon is when the crops would be harvested.

Taking this idea and bringing into our yoga practice, the new moon is a powerful time to figure out exactly what you want to focus on and what you need in order to make your goals happen.

The New Moon classes are a meditative flow combined with some breathing practices and a short meditation that will quiet your busy mind and give you the clarity to know what you need to make $&^! happen!

Bring your own journal and take a few moments to write out your action plan.

Upcoming dates & details are as follows:

1/14/13 , 2/11/13 , 3/11/13



View Jennifer’s schedule of Monthly Yoga Workshops HERE!

Corporate & Private Yoga

If you are interested in private yoga classes, please fill out the Contact Form with your information.  Whether you’re interested in practicing yourself, with a small group or even in a corporate setting, Jennifer is available either to travel to your location of choice or can offer a private studio space for the classes.  Pricing is upon request and may change depending on the length of the commitment.



I first met Jen unexpectedly when she substituted for another instructor. Though I was nervous working with a new teacher, I felt great during and after the class. So great that my forty-minute drive home afterwards felt like twenty minutes.

Jen’s unique teaching style is both challenging and spiritually uplifting allowing for a peaceful flow in the body and soul. She emanates passionate energy supporting students to be ‘in the present moment’ during class that leaves a positive lasting impression afterwards.

Whether Jen’s teaching a workshop or class, she’s very thorough, soulful and passionate creating a wonderful yoga experience!      ~ Gary, vinyasa student


I’ve always loved practicing yoga, but when I become pregnant, I definitely felt a lack of energy that could have stopped me from getting on my mat.   Any women who is pregnant knows how exhausting being pregnant can be from time to time or, for some, throughout the entire pregnancy.  

In Jen’s pre-natal classes, the connection I feel between myself and expected daughter is almost indescribable.  She provides the perfect opportunity to soon-to-be mothers like myself the chance to unwind and grasp what is going on inside my body. Jen’s teaching style is calming and very relaxing.  I also feel more prepared mentally and physically to give birth than I could have expected at 30 weeks.  After taking your prenatal classes, I remember again why I love yoga.  ~D.T., pre-natal student


I look forward to Jen’s Friday morning class for nourishing the physical, mental, and emotional aspects of myself.

Since Jen takes the time to ensure that asana fundamentals are in place to prevent injuries and build a strong foundation for growth, I finally understand how to ground my tailbone during my practice. Her classes have worked over time to really open up many areas of my body (especially my hips and heart space). I’ve gained a lot of strength and flexibility from Jen’s classes.

Beyond that, I love Jen’s thoughtful sequences centered around specific goals, seasonal elements, and natural rhythms of the earth. Her approach helps me recognize the times during the year when we need to slow down and take care of ourselves. I always leave her classes feeling better than when I came in.   ~ Elizabeth Z., vinyasa student


“Just wanted to thank you again for preparing me for Parker. She’s an absolute joy to have and even though labor was super rough, my recovery was great.

I used bridge pose when the nurses cleaned under me in the hospital bed and they were so impressed how strong I was. I used chair pose every time I had to get up or down off of the bed/potty and it really helped when I got home and had to adjust to lower toilets without handle bars.  And I used lots of breathing during contractions and pushing and really was able to focus on getting things moving.

Everyone says its astounding how much energy I have and my range of motion. I know several friends who seemed to “miss out” on their first week home with their little bundles because they are too beat up and I have been able to enjoy mommy-hood.

Thank you again, from the bottom of my heart.”    ~ Jess L., pre-natal student