Review: Vega’s Shake & Go Smoothies

I’ve been a huge fan of Vega’s vegan protein powders for quite some time.  They’re incredibly high quality and worth the extra pennies spent because of how much nutritional goodness they pack into each serving (from which you obviously reap the benefits, yes?).  Accustomed to their Whole Food Optimizer, I love love love the Vanilla […]

Quick Peach Cobbler (GF, Vegan)

Every time I bite into a fresh, juicy peach, I think to myself how awesome the summer is.  Peaches, along with a few other choice fruits, bring memories of being a little kid in the summertime.  When it’s peach season, you can safely bet that I’ve got at least a few in the house and […]

Blueberry Vinaigrette

It’s pretty common knowledge how incredibly nutritious blueberries are.  Since no one is disputing this notion, please go get yourself some freshly picked blueberries right now!  They’re finally in season and absolutely incredible.  There’s nothing quite like ’em, especially on a hot summer’s day. Do you know why these little blue gems are incredibly nutrient […]

Quick & Easy Meatless Wrap

When I’m in a rush and can’t just grab something from the fridge, I gravitate toward this incredible easy wrap that I make.  It just so happens to be vegan, gluten-free, soy-free and loaded with fiber and protein.  It’s also incredibly versatile as well, so you can play with flavors – Italian, Mexican, etc.  Consider […]

Vegan Challenge

Wanna mix up your diet and try out a 21-Day Vegan Challenge?  Some people might jump at the opportunity while others might cringe.  I’m talking about this today because Oprah had a great show on yesterday profiling this sort of challenge at throughout her entire studio.  She even had food writer Michael Pollan on to […]

Review: Purely Elizabeth’s Chocolate Chip Cookies

Who doesn’t love a good chocolate chip cookie?  I certainly do, but those Tollhouse ones just aren’t cutting it anymore since I can’t eat the gluten and am actively seeking out creative, new ways to make dessert healthier.  One answer to situation came to me as part of a Christmas present from a good friend: […]

Rice Pudding Dessert (GF, Vegan)

After the holidays, I’m all about minimizing sweets as much as possible.  However, dinner parties don’t just stop once January 1st rolls around.  My answer to an invitation is to offer dessert!  I have to tell you that I’ve brought this to friends’ homes AND family holiday meals (aka. Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc.) only to be […]

Spicy Roasted Pumpkin Soup

I have to admit that this soup has been an all-time winner at the most recent family dinners that my neighbor Michele & I have hosted.  This is mainly the brain child of Michele who loves herself some serious curry!   She picked up some pretty large pumpkins to celebrate and feast the Fall holidays in […]

Herbed Polenta Patties

“When one door closes, a window opens.” – Dutch Proverb This is literally how I made fast friends with polenta.  My door happened to be gluten.  The window was not exactly polenta, but it was certainly part of it!  Because I couldn’t eat so much of what I was formerly accustomed to, I had to […]