Gluten Free Misconceptions

If you’re a newbie to the Gluten Free Diet, then yes, you’ve got a lot of learning ahead of you. When I started out, I scoured the internet for anything that I could read that seemed informative and eventually realized that an old adage does apply- “Keep it Simple.”  The best way to do this […]

First Step to Finding Gluten

I remember the moment that I received word that gluten and I needed to ‘break up.’   It had been a wonderful love affair of pasta, pastries and bread for most of my life growing up in an Italian family.  This news was pretty devastating for me.  At the time, it honestly felt like a curse.  […]

What happened to your face?

Oh, I don’t know, probably gluten.  Maybe it was the dairy and possibly even the eggs….of the vanilla creme doughnut I ate yesterday.  Upon waking, I found the skin on my cheeks to be inflamed with rough and reddish patches of what looks like some sort of rash.  ” Great”, I thought. ” I have […]

Inflammation Hocus Pocus

Sometimes chores we’d rather not bother with turn into something of a blessing.  For me this happened the other day as I was correcting settings on my calendar.  I forgot that for over a year, I logged my workouts and weight.  The weight is what got my attention because I began looking at the period […]