Airing My Dirty Digestive Laundry

During the last two weeks, I’ve been asked quite a bit what’s been going on with me.  I couldn’t eat out for dinner, was cooking an awful lot, taking a bunch of pills, dealing with all-day-long headaches and complaining about stomach aches.  So at this point I want to share with you my own journey […]

What happened to your face?

Oh, I don’t know, probably gluten.  Maybe it was the dairy and possibly even the eggs….of the vanilla creme doughnut I ate yesterday.  Upon waking, I found the skin on my cheeks to be inflamed with rough and reddish patches of what looks like some sort of rash.  ” Great”, I thought. ” I have […]

Inflammation Hocus Pocus

Sometimes chores we’d rather not bother with turn into something of a blessing.  For me this happened the other day as I was correcting settings on my calendar.  I forgot that for over a year, I logged my workouts and weight.  The weight is what got my attention because I began looking at the period […]