Q&A: How to get Kids to Eat Vegetables

Q: Hi Jennifer! Two summers ago I decided to put my family on the path to eating better. We stocked up on fruit, veggies, beans, nuts and seeds. We ate a little bit of meat and dairy and avoided wheat. I have 5 young children and a husband who wants his food easy and fast. […]

Fat Thoughts (Part II)

Fat?  What?  Healthy?  Yes.  Seriously, yes.  Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, let’s talk.  Fat is an important part of your diet that many people spend countless hours micro-managing with the goal to avoid getting or staying fat.  To some degree, I can appreciate their struggle (I personally loathe trans fats.), but […]

Spicy Chorizo Chili

In the last few months, I’ve grown to appreciate a bit more spice (or heat) in my meals than I used to.  There’s definitely a time and place to kick things up a notch as Emeril Lagasse always says!  Take this with my love for ‘one pot meals’ and Voila! Spicy chorizo-based chili that doesn’t […]

NYC September Adventures

Any many of you know, I’m the traveling-type.  I love to move around and see whatever there is to see.  As I was departing NYC by bus on Saturday night, it occurred to me just how much my life and way of being has been influenced by my six-years living in the Big Apple.  I’m […]