Q&A: How to get Kids to Eat Vegetables

Q: Hi Jennifer! Two summers ago I decided to put my family on the path to eating better. We stocked up on fruit, veggies, beans, nuts and seeds. We ate a little bit of meat and dairy and avoided wheat. I have 5 young children and a husband who wants his food easy and fast. […]

Review: Dr. Sears’ Toasted Sesame Oil

“Open Sesame” is a phrase which conjures up almost magical connotations from our childhood, but for adults, sesame seeds still offer this ‘magical’ smathering of nutritional goodness.  The oil of toasted sesame seeds has been known for centuries for it’s incredible anti-inflammatory properties especially when it comes to wrangling pro-inflammatory proteins.  Anyone with an autoimmune […]

My Holiday Meal Suggestions

This time of year everyone I know is talking about what they are making for Christmas or New Years parties…  Then they ask what I’m making and my list of things seems rather strange because I don’t go by the old family book anymore for traditional meals.  I basically can’t.  And because I can’t, I […]