Frequently Asked Questions

Who will benefit the most from working with Jennifer?

A motivated and decisive individual or couple ready to heed advice, take meaningful steps, and make changes in order to see results in their diet and lifestyle.  Their busy “Type-A” lives are already over-filled with hectic professional jobs, challenging fitness goals and demanding family obligations.  They recognize that they aren’t eating as well as they could but, have no idea where to begin in making changes and are 150% committed to following through with instructions and guidance.  My ideal clients recognize the value and power of having an expert work with them closely to get the ball rolling in order to experience results long term.

What is expected of the client?

I expect you to work with me, follow directions and communicate clearly when you’re stuck.  Progress is achieved when we both work in unison.  I can’t ‘fix’ your diet- only you can.  When you show up on time, prepared and ready to go, you’ll see the best results from our combined energies.

Who is NOT likely to benefit from a program?

An indecisive individual who expecting me to do all the work, looking for a quick fix, or not ready to fully commit time and energy into making the changes.

What are some results that I can expect from working with you?

  1. Reclaim your energy without caffeine
  2. Lose stubborn weight
  3. Sleep soundly through the night
  4. Learn what foods work best for your body
  5. Reduce inflammation and bloating that masquerades as fat
  6. Feel relaxed and learn key tips to managing stress
  7. Gain confidence in the kitchen and start cooking

How can I get the most out of a program and reach my goals?

  1. Be an equal partner in your process with me
  2. Ask for help if ever you’re confused or have an issue.
  3. Be open and interested.  It is impossible to accept change into your diet if you are simply unwilling to do so.

Do you sell supplements or meal replacement items?

No.  I do not sell any products or supplements to my clients.  I am a firm believer in the power of eating real food.


Generally, I feel that supplements are overused and often an excuse to avoid making significant strides in dietary changes.  Now, I do understand that there is a time and place for supplementation, especially if someone has a severe deficiency.  However, supplementation should not be endless (unless there is a specific issue that does require lifelong attention).  Eventually a good clean diet should become the focus as the supplements are phased out.  The body knows best how to understand and utilize nutrients when they are ingested in natural combinations present in real food.

What led you to becoming a Certified Health Coach?

Simply by being way too busy all the time to pay attention to myself.  I am very driven (to the point of attending two colleges at the same time during my freshman year) and spent many years plagued with an overabundance of stress.  The silver lining to that stress didn’t seem as such over the years, but fortunately it has brought me to nutrition and yoga.  I now know how to manage my energy and digestive issues through better food and lifestyle choices.

Oh, and then there is my experience in the medical community working with eye patients.  Sure, it deals with eyes, but it’s really not just about eyes.  The eyes are connected, you know.  Connected to the brain… and affected by diabetes, MS, Lupus, brain tumors, etc.  It’s all connected. I learned this best working with eyes, assisting my father for nearly 10 years in his ophthalmic practice.  Along with this knowledge came the horrible reality of the ‘pill’ culture in which we live.  Patients routinely come in to the office taking a daily personal pharmacy of drugs for things that easily could be helped and even managed through diet and lifestyle.  Thus, I refuse to believe that a pill will solve all of our problems, be it prescription drug or nutritional supplement.  I believe that we can do better than simply resign to the notion that poor health is inevitable.

With all that said, I love what I do. You’ll see this excitement when I talk about food, yoga or something cool that I recently have tried.  Both creative and investigative, I drive my passion for wellness by seeking out unique ways. to make my clients’ desires a reality.  I believe that everyone, including you, can eat and feel better when one’s energy is committed to making it happen.  I’ve done it as have many of my clients.  Join us!