Gluten Free Strategy Session

Are you ready to get serious and focus on your health despite being gluten-free?  Have you been looking around for someone to guide you through down the gluten-free road?  Join Jennifer for a 20-minute gluten-free health strategy session over the phone that will provide you with a clear focus on:

  • how to make the changes you need without feeling restricted or helpless
  • what foods you need to avoid and how to find a ton that are safe and good to eat
  • how you and Jennifer can pull all the ‘loose strings’ together and get moving — gluten-free!

This Complimentary Gluten-Free Strategy Session is a key moment for you and Jennifer to decide if working together is right for you and how your unique program will look.

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Signature One-on-One Gluten-Free Health Coaching

Join Jennifer for a unique approach to going gluten-free that meets your needs and pace.  Whether you’re a total newbie starting from scratch or you’ve been at this awhile, but feel like you’re spinning your wheels, then Jennifer will work with you to get the ball rolling.  Learn the basics, implement easy-to-use techniques to make your life and cooking easier, create a resource for yourself filled with nutritious gluten-free meals, learn to eat out and grocery shop, clean out your home of unwanted gluten hiding in products you’d never think of and finally feel calm on your gluten-free journey.

There are a limited number of Signature One-on-One tier programs available.  To see which program will work best for you, APPLY HERE for a complimentary  Gluten-Free Strategy Session.

Group & Corporate Health Coaching Programs

Whether you’ve got a group of friends seeking nutritional change or a workplace that’s ready for employees to work on upgrading to their best health, Group and Corporate programs are customized to your specific needs.

Please contact Jennifer HERE to discuss how she can best meet your group’s needs and bring her Signature Health Coaching to you!

Need a Speaker?

Jennifer is an engaging and enthusiastic speaker providing tailored talks to your organization.  Whether it’s for a corporate workshop, a local group, or a keynote, Jennifer can bring a sense of humor and inspiration to the room when talking about food and nutrition.

Some of her talks have been at:

  • Celiac Awareness Tour
  • Conicelli Autoplex
  • Pepboys National Headquarters
  • Northwestern Mutual Fund (both Philadelphia & Mount Laural locations)
  • Mainline Moms & More

For more information and to book Jennifer for your event or please visit HERE.


Additional Services

Grocery Store Tours

Are you overwhelmed at the grocery store and buying the same things every time?

Do you feel lost when it comes to improving the taste and nutritional value of your meals?

Are you ready to finally choose the healthy, delicious food at the store that’s totally new to you?

Spend 90 minutes with Jennifer visiting Whole Foods and learn her expert shopping method to maximize the healthy, nutritious, detoxifying foods that make it into your cart as well as what you can do with them. You’ll leave with the confidence to actually select, cook and enjoy what you’re missing out on now. Plus, you’ll learn some tricks to deciphering misleading food labels and marketing signage to understand what it is that you’re actually buying. Both tours are focused sessions meant to increase your comfort level exponentially the very next time you go to the store!  Note: Stages 1 and 2 are different 90-minute sessions.

Grocery Store Tour Stage 1

Focused around the produce area, bulk food and the supplement sections, you’ll leave with the know-how to properly select, prep, and easily cook vegetables so that you’re never lacking their antioxidant power from your meals. Get the low-down on fruit selection and storage as well as learning about how much to consume to avoid excess sugar in your diet that affects issues like Diabetes and High Cholesterol.  For more info and to schedule your tour, contact us here.

Grocery Store Tour Stage 2

Focused tour that covers the meat & dairy departments, and the central aisles of the store (including the frozen food section). Though you may hear the adage “Shop the perimeter”, there’s many incredibly nutritious products that can increase the nutrition in your meals. You’ll leave knowing which product choices are best and why as well as be introduced to many new product choices meant to increase flavor and the healthfulness of your meals.  For more info and to schedule your tour, contact us here.


In-home Cooking Demo

Do you have a fear of cooking?

Are you tired of making the same old meals each week?

Are you ready to learn how to cook and effectively use your kitchen to make quick, healthy meals?

Whether you’ve got little to no cooking experience or simply want to gain the confidence to cook new, delicious meals, the In-Home Cooking Demo provides you with the practical know-how and expertise to work your kitchen like a pro.  Jennifer will share with you all her signature tricks and tips to make cooking a joyful breeze!  This 2-hour experience boosts your kitchen skills while being fun and stress-free.  Enjoy the In-home Cooking Demo as a private session with Jennifer or with a few friends!  For more info and to schedule your In-home Cooking Demo, contact us here.

Pantry Clean Out

Are you fed up with junk food hiding in your kitchen cabinets sabotaging your diet?

Do you feel like you don’t have the right supplies to cook healthy?

Are you ready to get the junk out with expert assistance?

Jennifer spends about 90 minutes cleansing your kitchen of the junk that promotes inflammation in your body. This experience insures that you’ll have to confidence to know why the bad stuff is bad and Jennifer will guide you to restock your kitchen with healthier, clean food options guaranteed to make future cooking and eating in your home a delight. Plus, she review cooking supplies and provide any suggestions for critical missing pieces that simplify any cooking experience.  For more info and to schedule your Pantry Clean Out, contact us here.

Private Yoga Classes

Looking to deepen your practice and get the attention you need to expand your yoga experience?

Do you and/or a group of friends want to practice together when it fits into your schedule?

Interested in bringing yoga to your office or workplace?

Private instruction is a great way to go!  Contact me via the Contact Form and check out my Yoga page for more information.