Natural Foods Expo East 2011 – Trends

by Jennifer Fugo September 27, 2011

Food — it makes our world go round.  At least here in the States, that is.  Though I’m the biggest fan for whole, unprocessed foods, there certainly is a place for certain food products in a busy life. I wanted to see for myself the wide array of new products that were coming out in […]

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Review: Vega’s Shake & Go Smoothies

by Jennifer Fugo September 22, 2011
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I’ve been a huge fan of Vega’s vegan protein powders for quite some time.  They’re incredibly high quality and worth the extra pennies spent because of how much nutritional goodness they pack into each serving (from which you obviously reap the benefits, yes?).  Accustomed to their Whole Food Optimizer, I love love love the Vanilla […]

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Fat Types (Part III)

by Jennifer Fugo September 21, 2011

Many of you were really excited by my last post when I spoke about what type of Fats I eat and getting a sneak peak at what the more scientific result of that looks like – namely my bloodwork.   As a result, I received a lot of emails about explaining fats even further.  You know, […]

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Fat Thoughts (Part II)

by Jennifer Fugo September 6, 2011
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Fat?  What?  Healthy?  Yes.  Seriously, yes.  Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, let’s talk.  Fat is an important part of your diet that many people spend countless hours micro-managing with the goal to avoid getting or staying fat.  To some degree, I can appreciate their struggle (I personally loathe trans fats.), but […]

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Quick Peach Cobbler (GF, Vegan)

by Jennifer Fugo August 18, 2011
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Every time I bite into a fresh, juicy peach, I think to myself how awesome the summer is.  Peaches, along with a few other choice fruits, bring memories of being a little kid in the summertime.  When it’s peach season, you can safely bet that I’ve got at least a few in the house and […]

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The Great ‘Grain Free’ Debate – Pt. 1

by Jennifer Fugo August 16, 2011
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If you follow my blog, you know that I’ve spent the last 3+ years gluten-free.  For most people, that’s a big step to take in changing one’s diet.  Recently, I’ve begun toying with the idea of going another step and removing ALL grains.  Crazy?  Not completely.  I know many people who live without any form […]

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Review: Dr. Sears’ Toasted Sesame Oil

by Jennifer Fugo July 26, 2011
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“Open Sesame” is a phrase which conjures up almost magical connotations from our childhood, but for adults, sesame seeds still offer this ‘magical’ smathering of nutritional goodness.  The oil of toasted sesame seeds has been known for centuries for it’s incredible anti-inflammatory properties especially when it comes to wrangling pro-inflammatory proteins.  Anyone with an autoimmune […]

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Blueberry Vinaigrette

by Jennifer Fugo July 21, 2011
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It’s pretty common knowledge how incredibly nutritious blueberries are.  Since no one is disputing this notion, please go get yourself some freshly picked blueberries right now!  They’re finally in season and absolutely incredible.  There’s nothing quite like ’em, especially on a hot summer’s day. Do you know why these little blue gems are incredibly nutrient […]

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Blueberry Tomato Salad

by Jennifer Fugo July 19, 2011
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One of my favorite summer staples is a Tomato Salad loaded with sweet tomatoes, cooling cucumbers and fresh basil.  When I was a kid, my mom made this every night with dinner as I’d consider it a staple part of any Italian meal in the summer.  Fresh, light, sooo delicious! As an adult, I’ve enthusiastically […]

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