Grab this FREE Fall Recipe Booklet

Don’t you just LOVE fall?  I certainly do!  Even though I’m not a fan of the dropping temperatures, I love the colors, the air quality, the food and spice along with hot chocolate and some lovely sweaters. My friend Elizabeth Stein of Purely Elizabeth has put together an incredible FREE booklet for you to enjoy […]

Review: Vega’s Shake & Go Smoothies

I’ve been a huge fan of Vega’s vegan protein powders for quite some time.  They’re incredibly high quality and worth the extra pennies spent because of how much nutritional goodness they pack into each serving (from which you obviously reap the benefits, yes?).  Accustomed to their Whole Food Optimizer, I love love love the Vanilla […]

Quick Peach Cobbler (GF, Vegan)

Every time I bite into a fresh, juicy peach, I think to myself how awesome the summer is.  Peaches, along with a few other choice fruits, bring memories of being a little kid in the summertime.  When it’s peach season, you can safely bet that I’ve got at least a few in the house and […]

The Great ‘Grain Free’ Debate – Pt. 1

If you follow my blog, you know that I’ve spent the last 3+ years gluten-free.  For most people, that’s a big step to take in changing one’s diet.  Recently, I’ve begun toying with the idea of going another step and removing ALL grains.  Crazy?  Not completely.  I know many people who live without any form […]

Blueberry Tomato Salad

One of my favorite summer staples is a Tomato Salad loaded with sweet tomatoes, cooling cucumbers and fresh basil.  When I was a kid, my mom made this every night with dinner as I’d consider it a staple part of any Italian meal in the summer.  Fresh, light, sooo delicious! As an adult, I’ve enthusiastically […]

Spicy Chorizo Chili

In the last few months, I’ve grown to appreciate a bit more spice (or heat) in my meals than I used to.  There’s definitely a time and place to kick things up a notch as Emeril Lagasse always says!  Take this with my love for ‘one pot meals’ and Voila! Spicy chorizo-based chili that doesn’t […]

Review: Free From Gluten

Have you ever shopped for food online?  Until recently, I’d not.  In fact, the idea to me was rather foreign since I do not buy much at all over the internet, let alone food.  An up-and-coming gluten free online food product ‘shop’ called Free from Gluten approached me to try them out.  They offer gluten […]

Gluten Free Sugar-holic

The gluten-free sugar-holic.  If you’re in the gluten-free circle, I’m sure you know some.  Or maybe you’re one.  Regardless of what your current diet looks like, a sweet tooth happens to us all at some point since most people rarely make a transition away from unhealthy American eating habits simply because they are gluten-free.  I […]

Review: Purely Elizabeth’s Ancient Grain Granola

Who doesn’t love crunchy granola with the right amount of sweetness?  I certainly do and am game to try most gluten-free granolas out there on the market.  My one caveat is sugar.  I definitely look at the sugar content and lately have become so disgusted with sugary granolas on the market that I started to […]