Who’s responsible for you?

by Jennifer Fugo on October 11, 2011

In an age where we tend to point more fingers at others than at ourselves, I have to ask- “When will the blame game end for you?” I could be talking about the healthcare crisis, the economy, or your poor diet and subsequent health.  However, the reasons for all these issues are actually the same.  It’s the one blinding reason, in my opinion, that’s keeping our society as a whole entirely stuck in this unending Alabama mud field spinning our wheels.  Folks, we’re slowly sinking together in the lovely American Chevy that we call life.  Soon mud will pour in through the open windows and seal the doors closed.  It doesn’t have to be this way, but until we can look at ourselves, straight-faced in the mirror, and acknowledge what’s really keeping us here, we’re headed down with this ship.

I certainly don’t mean to be morose, nor political by any means.  What’s happening in the larger powers that be mirrors the poor choices that many of us make on a small scale each day.  We’ve all bought into the idea of constant comfort, instant gratification and pointing the finger at anyone else that seems like a remotely viable candidate for blame.  We’ve unsuccessfully traded in the ups and downs of life with a Lazy Boy Recliner.  Guess what?  Rent-a-Center called and they want it back because you’ve maxed out your credit.

There’s really no way to sugar coat things for people who feel entitled to eat really crappy food simply because they’ve got some misconstrued notion that it’s their right.  I guess it could be, but not when your asking everyone else help you foot the bill while laying on an ER stretcher.  But that’s the nature of the beast today thanks to a wonderfully expensive concept called health insurance.  Rather than insuring good health, it guarantees you the right to do everything you can to throw yourself and everyone else financially strapped to your insurance carrier under the bus again and again.

The bottom line?  Unless you want to pay someone big bucks (think Jillian Michaels or Chuck Zito) to stand by your side each waking moment of the day and yell at you for any sort of dietary transgression, then you best start asking yourself what you’ve got to lose with each bite of your pizza and fries.  The truth is, you have everything to lose including your livelihood, your family, and your life for crying out loud!  Whether we look at bailouts or burgers, they still both come down to a serious problem.  We want someone else to be responsible for the messes we make.  We want someone else to do the dirty work so we can sit back in that Lazy Boy o’ life and relax to a riveting game of pigskin.

This is where I draw the line and I expect every one of my clients to meet me at.  “You are responsible for yourself and your own choices.”  Good food and good health are not inalienable rights.  They’re both a choice that your hard-earned dollars vote on in each and every purchase.  What you choose to eat and do is ultimately your responsibility.  As a coach, I can’t make you DO anything.  I lead the way, occasionally offering more hand-holding when necessary, and hold you accountable to actually MAKE changes.  My clients who have met me here find a vast difference in their quality of life.  They see how those small steps add up to something grander and richer of the stuff we call life.

So when I ask you “Who is responsible?”, take a long gaze in the mirror and know that the truth will always be there.  The sooner it’s faced, the sooner the rain will stop so that we can all finally drive our Chevy out from the mud.  One way or the other, you know it’s true.  I for one would love to face the proverbial music as a nation and get the hell out of this mess.  The sogginess of this mud field is cramping America’s style.

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