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by Jennifer Fugo on July 26, 2011

“Open Sesame” is a phrase which conjures up almost magical connotations from our childhood, but for adults, sesame seeds still offer this ‘magical’ smathering of nutritional goodness.  The oil of toasted sesame seeds has been known for centuries for it’s incredible anti-inflammatory properties especially when it comes to wrangling pro-inflammatory proteins.  Anyone with an autoimmune issue or even with food sensitivities needs to be paying attention.  Thus, the importance of toasted sesame seed oil is a serious matter, so listen up!

My experience with toasted sesame oil increased exponentially after I was contacted by Dr. Barry Sears, the creator of the Zone (TM) Diet, to explore the many nuances of his Zone (TM) Toasted Sesame Oil.  I took the challenge quite seriously and spent a lot of time incorporating the oil into as many different dishes of which I could possibly imagine.  Toasted Sesame Oil is to India and Asia what Olive Oil is to Mediterranean cultures – highly revered as a nutritional powerhouse.

Plus, Dr. Sears has gone to great lengths seeking out the highest quality sesame seeds for his oil.  Surrounded by dark glass, the Zone (TM) Toasted Sesame Oil is USDA certified Organic and an unrefined antioxidant-rich oil that looks like a beautiful dark shade of gold.

Though many oils and nuts are quite prone to going bad, you don’t need to hold the same level of concern for toasted sesame oil.  Unlike other oils (such as olive oil), Zone (TM) Toasted Sesame Oil is quite resistant to becoming rancid.  That’s great news!  You can cook and sauté with it, drizzle it over steamed veggies, incorporate it into dressings, etc.  The possibilities are pretty vast, so use your imagination and enjoy it’s deep, nutty flavor that’s incredibly distinct.

Great recipes to use your Zone (TM) Toasted Sesame Oil that were crowd pleasers in my house include:

Are you ready to grab yourself a stash of this delicious oil?  Shop here for your own bottles.

What dishes have you incorporated Toasted Sesame Oil in?

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