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by Jennifer Fugo on May 16, 2011

You know what always makes a stressful day better?  Granola.  No matter how much hustle or bustle I’ve got going on, I love the good, sweet crunch of granola.  Though it’s quite difficult to mess up granola (I’ve made my own fair share of not-so-great ones due to over-baking), some companies get it better than others simply because of the deep care they take to craft a delicious flavor.

Recently, I was introduced to Jessica’s Natural Foods gluten-free granola line based in Michigan through my friends over at Daily Gourmet (a delicious place for foodies looking for real artisanal finds).  Jessica kindly sent me all three of her granola flavors – Chocolate Chip, Vanilla Maple, and Almond Cherry.  Each flavor is consistently different and interesting, highlighting the fact that simplicity in flavor can often times trump a myriad of fancy ingredients.  Jessica’s baking background and concern for a close family relative who discovered a gluten sensitivity has led her to crafting these wonderful granolas.  If you have any further questions about other allergen contamination, Jessica provides an excellent FAQ about her production facility on her website.

Now you may be wondering how these three granolas stack up on the “Jennifer Nutrition Scale” – pretty decent on the fiber (especially considering that it’s gluten-free) and the sugar (they range from 5 to 6 grams of sugar per serving).  There’s a small mixture of more natural sweeteners like honey and maple syrup along with a nice combination of healthy ingredients like coconut, ground flaxseed and sunflower seeds to balance everything out.  I’d suggest sticking with the recommended serving size of 1/4 cup to keep the sugar count in check.  That said, they are perfect as a topping for yogurt (get plain to help control sugar levels), fresh berries, ice cream, etc.

Jessica's Chocolate Chip Granola

My favorite to eat for breakfast is the Vanilla Maple while the Almond Cherry was great as an on-the-go snack and Chocolate Chip became a nice dessert!  Either way, you’ll definitely love the real crunch that comes from the mixture of real gluten-free oats AND the slow baking process developed by Jessica.

Kudos to Jessica on her delicious and multi-purpose line of granolas – whether you’re sensitive to gluten or not, you’ll want to grab yourself a bag of each to enjoy!

AND I can make that happen to you…so here’s the deal –  Daily Gourmet is running an incredible promotion until Wednesday 5/18/11 at 11:59 pm PT (unless they sell out first!!) for you to purchase 3 bags of Jessica’s Gluten-free Granola (one of each flavor) for $19 (including shipping) from their website.  Normally, the price would be $26.  It’s an incredible special considering that each bag contains 11 servings!

As a Bonus —

For FIVE super motivated gluten-free foodies looking to give the granola a try (and I highly suggest that you do if you’re into tasty things like this), you can get an addition $5 off the special $19 price (yes, it would be $14 including shipping for 3 bags of granola) if you do the following four things:

‘Like’ Daily Gourmet on Facebook HERE

‘Like’ me over at Evolving Well on Facebook HERE

Follow Daily Gourmet on Twitter HERE

Leave a comment below to tell me that you’ve complete these steps and why you like granola

Then I’ll announce the FIVE lucky readers by the end of Tuesday and send them the promo codes to get the 3 bags of Jessica’s Natural Foods gluten-free granola for only $14.  That’s a total steal…so don’t wait!


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Dianne McCurdy May 17, 2011 at 4:35 am

I have always enjoyed the taste of granola for the crunch factor and its ability to satisfy my sweet tooth. Alas, since I have become gluten intolerant I have not been able to enjoy this fun food. Knowing that there is now a granola that is gluten free, low in sugar and will allow me to add a healthy snack to my new diet is a ‘great find’.


Melanie L May 17, 2011 at 7:24 am

I’ve liked both daily gourmet & evolving well!


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